xHelena blows out Glacier, 6-0

The xHelena Bighorns were firing on all cylinders against Glacier, and when the final buzzer sounded Bighorns emerged with a 6-0 win.

Glacier\’s nine penalties came back to haunt it, as Glacier let up four goals while on the penalty kill.

xHelena was sparked by Nick Okada, who had one goal and one assist. Okada scored on the power play 9:41 into the first period to make the score 1-0 xHelena. The Bighorns had gotten the advantage when Glacier\’s Chris Cutshall was sent off for interference. Parker Olson picked up the assist.

xHelena excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in five chances. The Bighorns\’ offense rang up 55 shots on Glacier\’s net. The defensemen of xHelena were also effective in Glacier\’s zone, and came away with two goals.

xHelena additionally got points from Theo Campe, who also finished with one goal and one assist, Logan Henne, who also grabbed one goal and one assist, Corbin Belling, who also registered one goal and one assist, and Ryan Webber, who also grabbed one goal and one assist. xHelena also got a goal from Damon Hanson as well. In addition, xHelena received assists from Brandt Miller, who had one and Dylan Webster and Sebastian Hansson, who each chipped in two.

Glacier\’s offense operated below it season average. Glacier puts an average of 3.0 pucks into the net per game.

Alek Lazarski recorded 20 saves for the Bighorns. xHelena incurred 14 minutes in penalty time with seven minors. Pierre Gustafsson made 49 saves for Glacier on 55 shots. Glacier incurred 18 minutes in penalty time with nine minors.