Dec 27, 2022

Are you the ultimate Biggies fan??? 🤔

PROVE IT!!!!! 😈

We want the biggest of the biggest, the craziest of the craziest, the loudest of the loudest!!! 📢

We are looking for characters, people who want to go ALL OUT in costume, face paint, whatever it is to make yourself seen and heard, think Raiders fans meet Thor.  Also, you need a “character” name, real names are boring, and we don’t do boring.  Yep, you get the idea now 😉

Think you can swing it?  Well show us.  This contest starts on our next home game, January 6th, and goes on during every home game until our February 18th home game.  Come dressed up in your very best, and by best we mean we want to see THE BEST. 💯

We will spot you in the crowd, we will take pictures and video, and after our February 18th game, we will post all of our contestants online for our fans to vote for the BIGGEST BIGHORNS FAN.  Well, how about more than one, let’s pick TWO. 🏅 🏅

The two winners that are chosen will be part of some pretty cool stuff.  Video promos, game shoutouts and events during games, a SWEET playoff video, season passes for next season, and more. 📺

So now is your chance to start thinking, planning, brainstorming. How can you be the ULTIMATE BIGHORNS FAN??? We can’t wait to see……. 😏