Tender alert: Owen Ramsay

Apr 17, 2022

“I’m very excited to have signed with the Helena Bighorns for this coming season. It’s an honor to play for an organization as successful as the Bighorns have been over the years. To play in front of such a passionate fan base is going to be exciting and I can’t wait to get going”, says Owen Ramsay.
“Ramsay is a strong, stay at home type defender that has the ability to move pucks and make good decisions,” says Associate Head Coach Damon Hanson
“Owen has good size and his physicality will be an added asset on our blue line this season,” says Head Coach Scott Cunningham. “Ramsay is a good puck mover and has a knack for shooting through traffic, with Owen’s experience and skill set, he will be a huge part of our D core this season, we are excited to have him.”