Mar 20, 2022

(Photo credit gmarshall_photos)

It wasn’t an easy task with 3 playoffs games in a row all leading into overtime, but the Helena Bighorns held on to become the Frontier Division Champions of the 2021/2022 season.  A packed arena with 2,000 fans brought a lot of energy to the game, along with some determined players refusing not to go out without a fight.

The game started with a goal by Liam Bland, assisted by Taber Gutschick and Branwen Pollett, but the Wild tied it up quick which ended each team with 1 point each on the board after the first period.

The second period began with the Wild quickly getting 3 goals past goaltender Eric Buchholz, leaving the Bighorns trailing by 3 goals.  Liam Bland changed that with a Bighorns goal, assisted by Sam Feamster.  Sam Feamster helped out again with a goal, assisted by Branwen Pollett and Erik Gibboney, leaving the Bighorns trailing by only 1 goal.

The 3rd period took the Bighorns back to a 2 goal deficit, but Liam Bland changed that with a goal assisted by Sam Feamster and Erik Gibboney.  Tylor Greene came in with a goal, assisted by Taber Gutschick and Garrett Bogan, bringing the game to a tie at 5-5 ending and resulting to overtime.

Overtime started with the Bighorns fighting a 5 minute major, and Logan Matheny leaving the game.  The Bighorns fought it off though,  Sam Feamster ended the game with the game winning goal, assisted by Garrett Bogan and Erik Gibboney, and the Bighorns winning the 2021/2022 NA3HL Frontier Division!

The Bighorns will now head to St. Louis to play for the Fraser Cup, schedule of games and times will be released soon!