Coca-Cola Fan Zone is Driving Season Ticket Sales for 2014

If you are a returning season ticket holder in Section "C", or even contemplating a Season Ticket purchase for the first time to the Bighorns hockey games this year, the new Lehrkind's Coca-Cola Fan Zone should be the first place you look to plant your bottoms!

Lehrkind's Coca-Cola has an exclusive agreement with the Helena Bighorns, which allows for cross-promotional products and activities never-before-seen at a Bighorns game.

"The idea is very simple, yet has taken on a life of its own," says Bighorns Marketing Director, Brad Ouldhouse. "What started as just an idea to immerse our fans into a brand for every hockey game has become an incredible vehicle for fan engagement! Coca-Cola will be giving away Collector's edition bottles, coupons for products, free samples; many of our prize give-a-ways each game may even generate from fans in the Coke Section specifically."

Previous Season Ticket Holders in Section "C" have been pleasantly surprised with more value for their money when renewing their seats this year. "I never imagined the buzz for season tickets would be at this level in the off-season already," Brad continues. "Fans get a tremendous package deal and certain exclusive benefits already when they purchase a Season Ticket, but for the same price, booking in the Coke Section sends the value to the next level!"

“That said, if fans have had a seat in Section “C” in the past, you still have first right of refusal on those seats, same as each year previous. It does not cost anything extra to renew your seats just because the section is now sponsored, nor does it cost extra for anyone who chooses the Coke Section over any other when selecting their seats for the year.” Brad says. “In fact, the price for a Season Ticket to Bighorns games has been reduced significantly from last season. I want to encourage a full sell-out of that section and I fully expect a loud and proud fan base to enjoy every game from the coolest, most noticeable place in the house!”

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