Camp Report-Day Three


After three days of evaluation the Bighorns Main Camp is ¾ of the way complete. We sat down with Head Coach, Scott Cunningham for a brief discussion on the camp’s progression.

Bighorns: What did you think about the pace in Saturday’s scrimmage?

Cunningham: Yesterday's scrimmage was a little slow paced compared to the previous scrimmages, I think the " Blue and White " game will bring a much quicker paced game, it's the final ice session of the weekend and some of the guys are still looking to show us what they have.

Bighorns: Did you see anything different from the previous day’s skates; good or bad?

Cunningham: he first day of camp was a little sloppy but the pace was good, as the camp goes on the play has slowed down. It's been a full weekend so far and I think some of the guys are getting tired with all the skating and off ice work outs.

Bighorns: What is your general feeling so far on camp as a whole?

Cunningham: I really like the shape and the attitude of the returning players, we have been very lucky over the years to have a good core of veterans return year after year. This year is know different great group of guys that know what it takes to win at this level. I'm also very pleased with some of the younger players at camp, we have some great younger guys that are going to contribute to this team early.