It was another weekend of wins for the Helena Bighorns, but these wins have now pushed the leading Helena Bighorns to face their biggest threat in round three, the Gillette Wild.

Friday’s game was held in Great Falls, with a full house of fans equally divided.  The Bighorns came out on top with 5 goals, leaving the Americans to get only 1 in the net, which was held by Eric Buchholz, saving 27 of the other shots.  Goals for the Bighorns were scored by Liam Bland (Sam Feamster), Tyler Bloom (Tylor Greene), Liam Bland (Sam Feamster), Adam Harvey (Branwen Pollett), and another by Adam Harvey (Tylor Greene, Taber Gutschick).

Saturday’s game was a packed house in Helena, with a sellout crowd of almost 2,000 fans.  The Bighorns wasted no time putting points on the board, with their first goal in net in under 3 minutes.  The game ended in an 8-2 win for the Bighorns, eliminating the Great Falls Americans playoff run.  Goals for the Bighorns were scored by Liam Bland (Tylor Greene, Eric Buchholz), Sam Feamster (Tylor Greene, Tyler Bloom),  Liam Bland (Tylor Greene, Taber Gutschick), Erik Gibboney (Corbin Skinner, Taber Gutschick), Taber Gutschick (Liam Bland, Tylor Greene), Tylor Greene (Adam Harvey, Tyler Bloom), Erik Gibboney (TJ Norris, Andrew Deskin), and Andrew Deskin (Ian Vanelli, Thomas Hollon).  Eric Buchholz stood in net again for the Bighorns, saving 50 of the 52 shots against him.

Helena will head to Gillette this week and play the Wild on Wednesday night.  They will come back to Helena to play Friday night and if game 3 is needed that will also be held in Helena.