Bighorns achieve another victory with a 7-1 win against Butte Cobras

Oct 24, 2021

The Helena Bighorns had no problem maintaining their winning streak with a 7-1 win against the Butte Cobras Saturday evening.  AJ Adleman let in one late game goal, but came out successful with 17 saves.  Goals for the Bighorns were scored by Gavyn Galloway (assisted by Tyler Bloom and Wyatt Barton), Erik Gibboney (assisted by Harlan Wojtusik and Jonny Peterson), Tylor Greene (assisted by Erik Gibboney), Andrew Deskin (assisted by Andrew MacCallum and Adam Harvey), Liam Bland (assisted by Jonny Peterson and Taber Gutschick), Tylor Greene (assisted by Liam Bland and Taber Gutschick), and Tyler Alldredge (assisted by Tylor Greene and Jordan Douglas).  The Bighorns travel to Rapid City, South Dakota, next weekend to play back to back games against the Badlands Sabres.  Catch it live at Buffalo Wild Wings (Helena, MT) or on Hockey TV.