Feb 22, 2023

Our team, management, owners and staff’s top priority is to bring you a great hockey experience!  We feel like we have accomplished this for most of you, but unfortunately there have been some issues with a handful of people not being there for the hockey experience.

These “handful” of people we have noticed that are not there for the right reasons have been mostly teens under 16 years of age.  With that being said, we are implementing a new rule, that if you are under the age of 16, you must enter our facility to watch a Bighorns hockey game with an adult.

Now don’t get us wrong, adults act up too!  But asking an adult to leave our facility due to anything we feel is inappropriate behavior is a lot different than asking someone who’s under 16 to leave when they don’t have an adult with them.  Safety is one of our main priorities and we are hoping to continue to bring you all an amazing hockey experience along with a safe environment for all!