2013 AWHL Las Vegas Showcase

The American West Hockey League (AWHL) will hold a Players Showcase on December 16-19, 2013, at the Fiesta Rancho ice rink in Las Vegas, NV. Each of the seven teams in the AWHL will play one league game each day. The focus of the AWHL showcase is to promote all league players and have them exposed to as many fans and scouts as possible.

"The December date works perfectly for college scouts who are on break and available to see the young talent from each of our teams. It also works well for our players as Christmas break starts as soon as the showcase is over and runs through December 30th," stated Nationals GM Butch Kowalka.

The timing of the AWHL showcase should work well with other events running in Las Vegas at the same time. This will encourage as many scouts as possible attending our games. "We have had a very positive response from the scouts we have spoken with. Everyone is very excited and it should be a very well attended event."

Newly appointed AWHL Commissioner Garry Swain commented on the showcase, saying "Our league is extremely excited to showcase the young talent we have on each of our teams, and, with the support of USA Hockey, expect the Showcase to be the highlight of our season".